Why We Love Music

Music is a universal language. It connects people of all backgrounds, colors races, and cultures. Music is in no way prejudice. From the richest individuals on the planet to those living in poverty, music can touch the very depths of a person’s soul. How does this miracle happen? Why is everyone a music lover at heart?

What Is Music?

Of course, it is hard to define what music actually is with words. Why, we often say that where words fail, music speaks. Let’s try to allow a few humble words to define, in even a tiny way, what the gift of music is all about.

Music Creates Expressions

Music often combines vocal and instrumental sounds to create an expression. The expression created can be that of sadness, nostalgia and disappoint or that of joy, pleasure, and anticipation. Incredibly, music has the power to create this expression, even when words are not part of the arrangement.

Music Is a Natural Tool

Animals sing songs to tell each other a message. Perhaps as a warning, or as a mating cry. Interestingly, animals create beautiful musical sounds, without even a hint of training or musical education!

Music Makes Us Smart

Music is not simply about pleasure, it can also make us more intelligent. A variety of studies have given evidence that people who regularly listen to music tend to remember information better, have a better mood and are smarter. That is why music should be a part of everyone’s life, from when we are still in the womb until we have reached an advanced age. Indeed, music can bring benefit to every single individual at every point in their life, all we have to do is allow it to play a role in our everyday existence.

Music Changes Our Perception

Music is incredibly powerful. Not only can it change our mood within the moment we are listening to it, but it also has the power to influence our perception of life, long after the record has stopped playing (sorry the mp3!)

Music Provides A Way To Escape

At times, we all need to escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Switching on the TV can seem like the easiest option, but it may not always be the one that will yield the best results.

On the other hand, music provides a wonderful way to escape. It opens our mind, engages our heart and rejuvenates the very fibers of our soul. It is little wonder that music lovers the world over turn to music as their way to pick themselves up and live to see another day.

Certainly, there are many reasons why we love music. It can improve our mood, make us smarter, change our perception and much more. Why do you love music? Perhaps you have your own personal reasons that we have not even touched on here. Whatever they may, continue to love, appreciate and cherish music as one of the greatest gifts that we could possibly have.

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